Prism – Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross

‘Prism’ is a 28ft tall pentahedron with connecting tunnels right through the structure that the public can access to interact with the work. The piece is faced with an asymetric design dissected and framed by lines of programmable LED lighting.

‘Prism’ was commissioned by We are The Fair for Coal Drops Yard. Instead of the traditional Christmas tree the artwork is the headline sculptural offering from the team at Kings Cross.

The square pyramid frame has been reused from last years installation as it was designed to be repurposed each year to host a new artist.

“We were tasked with creating a concept that encouraged interaction and play, this made us consider what human to human exchange currently represents in a Pandemic environment. We decided to try and create joyful unexpected encounters with others and with that the Prism tunnels came into being”

The illusion is that the kaleidoscopic mirror tunnels appear to pass straight through the structure, but they actually turn 90degrees, creating surprise encounters between friends and strangers alike, encouraging and instigating unexpected human connections in a world of light and colour.

‘Prism’ at Coal Drops Yard
Client: We are The Fair
Location: Kings Cross, London
Photography: Alan Hayes & Sean Kerr