We are a multidisiplinary creations company. We take pride in attempting tasks that have a specific creative vision at their core, where only the very best results are good enough.

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Loop was formed by a collaboration of Alan Hayes and Harriet Lumby, with over 20 years combined experience realising, honing and perfecting creative visions. WIth backgrounds in Set design and construction, Digital projection and AV integration, Scenic Painting and set dressing to name but a few, Loop has a breadth of knowledge to cover almost every direction or facet of a project.


That’s what’s at the core of Loop. Its what we do. We like nothing more than to take something benign and turn it into something wondrous. Hell, we’ve even got degree’s in creativity!

We’ve got what it takes to bring your brand to the public. Our combined knowledge of bringing brands into the events industry will ensure it works for you to get your demographic on the hook. Need some outside the box thinking to achieve your vision, no problem. Need technology integrated into your requirements, you’ve got it. Whatever the case, custom comes as standard. No matter how difficult a project might seem, we’ve got your back.