Loop was formed by a collaboration of Alan Hayes and Harriet Lumby, with decades of combined experience realising, honing and perfecting creative visions.

With backgrounds in Set design and Fabrication, Prop making, Digital Projection and AV integration, Scenic Painting and Set dressing to name but a few, Loop has a breadth of knowledge to cover almost every direction or facet of a project.

We take pride in attempting tasks that have a specific creative vision at their core, where only the very best results are good enough.


We like to keep things friendly,  you can rest assured that dealing with Loop will always be a pleasure, smiles and laughter. Happy people and a warm kettle are the recipe for efficiency in our book!


We don’t beat around the bush…period! If we think someone is barking up the wrong tree of if we can see a better way of doing something we will discuss it with a client. We’re not afraid to share the knowledge we have and if it means a better result in the long term then we will come right out with it.


Having been in the industry for over 20 years we’ve seen most of it, never prepared to say we’ve seen it all however, as there’s always more to learn like new processes or developing technology.

This said, you can rely on Loop to apply the decades of combined knowledge we have to the sheer hands on experience of just ‘getting the job done.’


It’s very important to us to try to keep our business as low impact as we can. As such we try to make responsible decisions about how we go about making something and what we make it from, often opting for the harder route if it means a lower impact on the environment.

Additionally we always try to ensure our materials come from responsible sources and as a result we often pay that little bit more for materials to make sure it stays that way.

We feel it’s an important responsibility to be aware of the waste we create and to try to recycle and reduce our waste wherever we can.