Fragrance Awards – House of Bestival

we were asked to make some Art-Deco Columns that could split into two halves so that they could hide some existing pillars in the venue for the Fragrance Awards.

Also 15 mirror plinths for displaying some large perfume bottles made entirely of Roses.


Branding / Signage – Working Wool

We were asked to create a set of signage, ‘A’ boards and a concertina style folding backdrop for British Wool company Working Wool.

The brief was to be rustic and as strictly low impact as possible. Everything was made with recycled timber and the signwriting painted with Eco Friendly Water based paints.



Beauty Cupboard – Elle/Rimmel

Elle Magazine and Rimmel Make up London wanted to launch a new mascara via a brand activation install and we were asked to build the set for the brand activation.

They wanted to create a high street salon feel but incorporating very specific graphic elements in keeping with Elle and Rimmel’s vision. Including internal walls, make up shelving, photo booth, glass effect windows and huge scale replication of supplied artworks and sign writing. All colours match to Pantone references to ensure precise reproduction of supplied artwork.



Fairground Mirrors -Metro Magazine

Metro Magazine asked us to make some ‘Hall of mirrors’ inspired mirrors for a Fairground styled party they were putting on for their staff and guests. They had to be light enough to transport and install, but also sturdy and robust enough for a party environment. The venue also had a strict ‘no fixing to the walls’ rule, so a rigging system involving no wall fixings had to be designed.


Chicken Shack – Feed The Fields

Feed The Fields were starting a new catering venture and had bought a trailer and facade from someone secondhand. It quickly became apparent that the facade had not only seen better days, but was going to be very expensive to transport around and time consuming to erect. The previous owner had said that it needed 4-5 crew and a whole day to build and an entire van to transport it.

So we built a facade that could be built by one person in less than 2 hours, light enough to be transported inside the catering trailer itself without pushing it over its legal weight limit and saving Feed the Fields an extra van and driver everytime it needs to go somewhere, eventually the facade will pay for itself over and over again!

Menus were also traditionally signwritten with hook and eyelet price tags that have ‘Sold out’ on the reverse to ensure that even when stocks are running low that the menu’s still look on brand.

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Camp Bestival Letters – Bestival

Bestival liked the letters we made for them so much that they asked us to make a set for thier family festival ‘Camp Bestival’. Armed with the knowledge of how we made the previous sets we went about the challenging task of adding in a few tricky letters. Making a letter ‘C’ with a perfect curve and strong enough to handle people climbing on top of it was no mean feat, but we managed it of course. In fact it became one of our favourites!