The Long Road Festival – The Front Porch Stage

Baylen Leonard of BBC Radio fame was plotting a new Country Music festival called The Long Road and we were approached to create one of the iconic stages for the event, The Front Porch Stage.

We researched traditional types of building for the southern states of the country and the one that fit the bill was a traditional timber build called a Dogtrot, or Breezeway house. They were built with a deep shade porch and a walkway right through the middle to promote a ‘breeze’ through the centre of the house, like olden day air conditioning!

So that’s what we built, with working Sash windows for the sound technician to be able to interact with bands in a natural feeling manner, Chimney with smoke rising from the stack, Moss and Leaves on the faux tin roof and a host of carefully selected props and real living plants for that ultimate cosy front porch vibe.

Client: Universal Music
Event: The Long Road Festival
Job: Conceptualise, Design, Fabricate and Install ‘The Front Porch Stage’
Photography: This is Loop & Sean Kerr

Red Barn TV Studio – uDiscover Music

uDiscover were operating a full TV studio at the Long Road Festival to undertake artist interviews. We produced the backdrop for this studio providing a styled and on brand environment for the country music singers and presenters to engage in conversation.

Client: uDiscover Music
Location: The Long Road Festival
Job: Fabricate and Install Red Barn TV set backdrop
Photography: This is Loop

WeWork Summer Camp 2018 – Creative Signage

We created additional signs for some new venues and various pieces of creative infrastructure for the 2018 chapter of the WeWork Summer Camp.

Client: StudioTAC
Event: We Work Summer Camp 2018
Sponsor: Private
Job: Design, Fabricate and install Creative and Infrastructure signage.
Photography: This is Loop & Sean Kerr

RHS Hampton Court – 3D Letters and Giant Props

The Royal Horticultural Society created a new area at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show for 2018 called ‘Dig In’.
This area was based on growing your own food and eating it and as such the main focus was a fine dining restaurant with a three course set menu.
The Event organisers wanted something striking to identify the new venue and we knew just the thing.
We created 2.5m high three dimensional letters that were hung inside the porch of the structure.
Hung along side these letters were some finely crafted giant props, a spade and a cutlery fork, adding some visual cues to the theme of the venue.

Client: Royal Horticultural Society
Event: RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show
Project: Design, Fabricate and ‘fly’ giant 3D letters in a Polygon clear-span marquee
Photography: This is Loop

RHS Chatsworth – Way Finding Signage

The Royal Horticultural Society approached us as they wanted to incorporate some traditional way finding sign posts into the RHS Chatsworth flower show. We produced ten individual finger posts with five signs per post including all the necessary  installation hardware, installation, de-rig and storage until next years event.

All colours were painstakingly matched to replicate the specific colours dedicated to each of the RHS shows and were sign written by hand on both sides in the approved font using traditional sign writing enamel paint.

Client: Royal Horticultural Society
Event: RHS Chatsworth Flower Show
Project: Design and fabricate traditionally sign written way finding sign posts
Photography: This is Loop

Summer Social / Desperados – Creative Signage

We were approached by Westworth-Kemp events to produce some signage for the sports based Summer Social event held in London. They required a Summer Social Logo sign to identify the event and also some additional signs to be used at a sponsor installation.

Client: Westworth-Kemp Events
Event: Summer Social
Sponsor: Desperados
Project: Design and fabricate creative signage elements for the client and sponsor.
Photography: This is Loop

Budweiser Beer Pong – Okoru Events

Okoru Events reached out to us to produce a giant beer pong game for a large AB InBev conference at Wembley Stadium. LED and sound samples were triggered whenever anyone scored a goal by getting the ball in the cup.

Client: Okoru Events
Location: Wembley Stadium
Job: Fabricate and Install a giant beer pong game for AB InBev Conference
Photography: This is Loop

Bestival – Promotional Light Box

Client: Bestival
Job: Design and Fabricate a portable Light Box with interchangeable graphics.
Photography: This is Loop.

Bestival wanted a Light Box that they could take to events and promotional shows to help with branding.
It needed to be as large as possible but small enough to be able to fit into the back seat of a car so it could be easily Taxi’d around.

We had a custom padded bag made to protect the box when being transported to ensure it would always arrive in pristine condition. We specced this with robust handles to enable easy carrying and even got a Bestival logo printed on to it for that extra touch.