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Bestival – I Love Bestival Giant 3D Letters

Bestival asked us to make two sets of giant 3D letters, one set for use at thier shows in the UK and another set for Bestival Toronto in Canada. Due to the shipping constraints they had to be able to flat pack into the smallest space possible. We gladly accepted this challenge and managed to make the 45ft x 7.5ft x 4ft structure pack down onto just two pallets.

They were also made to a very precise dimension so that they would fit into a container sideways leaving only 20mm spare, meaning that space inside the container could be maximised but a forklift could still be used for loading and unloading.

The design also incorporates no visible fixings when the structure is viewed from the front or back, a small detail but one we felt extremely important when dealing with someones brand.

Client: Katie Maddison – Bestival
Event: Bestival & Bestival Toronto
Sponsor: Bestival
Project: Design, fabricate and install giant 3D logo letters for the UK and Canadian Events.