Ocean Rise – Aphra Shemza

Aphra approached us to fabricate her design for the 2021 Canary Wharf Summer Lights exhibition. An inherent part of the project was to source the main construction materials as locally and sustainably as possible, these were to be combined with the recycled plastics sourced by Aphra to to create Ocean Rise, Aphra’s first publicly exhibited piece.

We sourced British grown Western Red Cedar from a sawmill less than 15 miles from our workshops and created all of the curved glue laminated sections in house.

Ocean Rise is a mixed reality sculpture that highlights the rise in sea levels due to global warming. Built using sustainable material, the shape of the artwork emulates a wave in the ocean and is accompanied by a bespoke soundscape featuring field recordings of waves crashing on the shore created by the sound artist Mowgli. These can be accessed on your phone via a QR code. Listen here.

The work creates a connection between the physical and the digital, the city and the ocean, allowing the viewer a chance to contemplate their role in the current climate crisis and offering a moment of calm amidst the busyness of city life.

Commissioned by Canary Wharf Group for the Summer Lights Festival 2021.

‘Ocean Rise’
Artist: Aphra Shemza
Location: Canary Wharf, London
Photography: David Perry & David Wilman

Loops Light Sculpture

We had an idea  for a structure that we had wanted to build for quite some time and when we were approached by the creative producer for We Are Festival this became the perfect opportunity to bring it into existence.

We Are Fest wanted something to add into the public arena at the festival that needed to look great during the day time but also had to come alive at night.

The result is an ambitious blend of structural imagination and the highest level of RGB LED Pixel control technology combined into a truly awe inspiring visual experience. 220 meters of Pixel strip equalling 13200 LED’s.

Client: Katie Maddison
Event: We Are Festival
Project: Design, fabrication and installation of our own LED Light sculpture, ‘Loop’.