The Long Road Festival – The Front Porch Stage

Baylen Leonard of BBC Radio fame was plotting a new Country Music festival called The Long Road and we were approached to create one of the iconic stages for the event, The Front Porch Stage.

We researched traditional types of building for the southern states of the country and the one that fit the bill was a traditional timber build called a Dogtrot, or Breezeway house. They were built with a deep shade porch and a walkway right through the middle to promote a ‘breeze’ through the centre of the house, like olden day air conditioning!

So that’s what we built, with working Sash windows for the sound technician to be able to interact with bands in a natural feeling manner, Chimney with smoke rising from the stack, Moss and Leaves on the faux tin roof and a host of carefully selected props and real living plants for that ultimate cosy front porch vibe.

Client: Universal Music
Event: The Long Road Festival
Job: Conceptualise, Design, Fabricate and Install ‘The Front Porch Stage’
Photography: This is Loop & Sean Kerr